Polaroids - A continuing Journey

This Continuing body of work is exploring light and locations. The locations have been places where I have lived or made a personal connection to. I aim to capture the light and movement of the subject matter. I choose Polaroids (fuji fp) as a medium as it allows myself to exploit the unpredictable nature of the process to capture a unique outcome.

Polaroids - Exploring light

This Gallery shows the early selection of Polaroids taken between 2013 and the present day. The variation between the colours and accuracy of the detail with in the images is due to the aged films and the experimentation with a number of old cameras, lens and filters to capture the atmosphere of each site.

Alternative Process Photography

Through this Gallery there are examples of the alternative process photography work I have created during my practice. In particular Cyanotype which I have worked along side Laura Bridges to create two large scales books for the exhibition Building Volumes as part of the FAB (Fringe Arts Bath) festival held in 2014.

2009 to 2011 Black and White Gallery

A brief view of the Black and White Pinhole work created during MA studies in Aberystwyth. These images were created as part of an exploration tour of the Uk retiring to locations where I had lived or visited that left a lasting impression on me. Using the medium of Pinhole i explore the uses of light and the stark contrast between the details of the architecture and its environment.

2009 to 2011 Colour Gallery

This Gallery shows the Pinhole images created using a Blender pinhole camera. Taken in a number of locations these images explore the use of colour movement and light. During the process I used my own heart beat as a timing method. due to this timing method each image has an emotional connection to the location and my reaction to that place.

2006 to 2009 BA Gallery

The collection of work displayed in this Gallery is from the Tabernacle Project, these images were taken weeks before the Tabernacle Chapel on Mill Street Aberystwyth was tragically burnt down. these images showed the building in its stripped and broken state. With Access to the building I began a study with focused on how the light reacted with the circus of the original structure. using 35mm, 120mm and digital images to try and show the beautiful details left in this historic building.

Other Works

A small look in to the other works and skills currently exploring these have helped shape projects that have followed. The one day course in glass blowing was an amazing insight to the skill and beauty of working with the highly versatile and dangerous substance of molten glass.

Ode to Anna

Ode to Anna exhibition 24th April -19th June 2021. Growth Cannot be Contained images and construction process