Exhibition: Building Volumes FAB 2014




Working with Textile artist Laura Bridges, we created a pair of Cyanotype books created from images and texture collected from our local and wider environments.

Developing the work with Laura was a great opportunity and involved blending different photographic and textile processes along side traditional book binding techniques. 

Producing the large sheets of cyanotype images was a logistical challenge but the good Bath weather and auras washing line came in handy on more than one occasion. 

We then stitched detail in to the images in our own styles these differ in each book. Laura’s more deceptive style using white and red threads is in contrast to my straight architecture inspired use of stitch where I flowered and extended the lines of the building used in the sheets. 

These were then sealed in Paraffin wax, a process Laura uses in her own paper and textile work to give rigidity. The paraffin wax also responded to the touch of the person turning the pages cracking and leaving a trace on the viewers skin.  

I was very pleased that an image from our work was selected to be used as part of the exhibition advertising.